If You’re Having Car Trouble

2017.09.18 18

Make sure your car is out of the way of traffic. 

Pull off the road and put on your hazard lights. Set out flares around your car so it will be clearly visible to other vehicles. Place three at 100, 50, and 25 feet behind the vehicle. Be careful that they aren’t too close to any combustible grass or vegetation.

Don’t wander off. 

It’s easy to lose direction in a storm. Stay with your car until help arrives.

Use the floor mats in a pinch. 

If your tires are stuck in the snow, you can use cat litter, sand, or the car’s floor mats under tires to help gain traction. It’s a good idea to also stow a shovel in trunk so you can dig out the wheels. If the car is buried in snow, it’s crucial to first make sure that the exhaust pipe is exposed. If the pipe is blocked by snow, it can send dangerous carbon monoxide into your car.