Tire Maintenance Guide

2017.09.18 8

Tires are one of the most vital safety components for any car. They provide the vehicle's only point of contact to the road. Tire grip is what keeps a car on the road when it goes around a corner at speed; tires also carry the entire stopping force of the brakes. Driving with tires that need replacing can be like driving in snow or ice even in perfect road conditions, and that can be dangerous for both drivers and for everyone around them. It is also important to check for under and over inflation as either can be damaging to the tires, under inflation more so than over inflation. With so much potential for damage or disaster, regular tire inspections should be a part of every car owner's maintenance program. Drivers should check tire pressure at least once per month and have the tires professionally inspected during each oil change or when the tires are rotated. Combining tire inspection with other routine maintenance tasks ensures it does not get overlooked.